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October 25, “How conspiracies like QAnon are slowly creeping into some Canadian churches.” Joel Dryden, CBC News.

September 22, “Religious Nones and Flourishing Congregations.” Podcast Interview for Rossroad Community Church with Craig Thiessen and Holly Mclean.

July 7, “None of the Above: Nonreligious Identity in the US and Canada.” Podcast Interview with Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme for Impolite Conversation with Dan Clanton and Tim Hill.


June 13, “Camps, Retreat Centres Hardest Hit Ministries: Survey.” John Longhurst, Winnipeg Free Press.

May 27, “None of the Above: Nonreligious Identity in the US and Canada.” Podcast Interview with Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme for New Books in Religion Network with Lindsey Jackson.

April 7, “Coronavirus & Easter: Lapsed Christians Unlikely to Return to Church even in Uncertain Times.” Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme and Joel Thiessen, The Conversation.

April 4, “Keeping the Faithful.” John Longhurst, Winnipeg Free Press.

March 31, “None of the Above.” Phil Zuckerman, Psychology Today.


March 23, “COVID-19, Science, and the Nonreligious.” Joel Thiessen and Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme, New York University Press Blog.


January 2, “Demographic, Cultural Changes Key to Declining Church Membership: Sociologist of Religion.” Matt Gardner, Anglican Journal.


September 27. "Reaching the 42 million leaving the Church." Abigail Theano-Pudwill, Christian News.

September 14. "The Millennials Mosaic." Hal Roberts, Bridge City News.

September 12. "'Values Chasm' between young and old matters in this election, says pollster." Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun.

May 21. “Study: It’s easier to be a ‘None’ in Canada than in the US.” John Longhurst, Religion News Service.

May 21. “Flourishing Congregations Institute.” Podcast Interview with Mark Buchanan and Bernie Van De Walle, Faith AEffects.


May 19. "Millennials - The Entitled Generation?" Melinda Estabrooks, See Hear Love.

March 1. “The Canadian Millennials Choosing God in a Secular World” Ellen Samek, National Post.


December 5. “Are you in a Flourishing Church? How do you Know when You’ve Found One?” Podcast Interview with Karen Stiller, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.

November 2. “Canadian Christianity Under Construction?” Lorna Dueck, Context TV: Beyond the Headlines.

March 26. “Fairness in the Precarious World of Christian College Contracts.” Peter Schuurman, Christian Courier.


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