I believe that what is discovered in research and taught in the classroom ought to be accessible beyond the ‘ivory tower.’ I am regularly asked to spend time with different groups beyond the academia. Such requests dovetail with one of my greatest passions - to speak and/or consult in an array of venues on topics connected to my teaching and research interests, to benefit and enrich others.


Below are a sample of topics and venues that I have focused on in the past. Please contact me if you are interested in me spending time with your group; I would love to hear from you and I am open to developing material specific to your group's needs and interests.


  • congregations in Canada

  • religious nones

  • millennials

  • why people leave the church and will they ever come back

  • youth/millennials, religion, and passing the faith from one generation to the next

  • comparing religion in Canada and the United States (particularly in evangelical settings)

  • practical and theological responses for churches in twenty-first century Canada​

  • social problems and inequality

  • survey construction and design


  • denominational leader meetings

  • church board and leadership consultations

  • congregational settings

  • small group gatherings​

  • youth leader conferences​

  • teen or young adult retreats


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